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Access Control mobile application for gated communities.

I worked on a new app, starting from the very beginning. It was a challenging project from user experience perspective because of the complexity of the access control process.

Brief description of the idea

Mobile application for gated communities that improves security by facilitating easy follow up on daily visitors and the traffic of residents. (Residents can register their visitors in advance, guards can run security check when people enter.) The app is connecting to an already existing software solution called Urbapp that supports the work of the administrative board, which handles all community-related data (i.e., payments, outstanding balances, personal information, and contacts).

Four specific functions in order of importance:

  1. guards control the access of residents/visitors and register visitors
  2. residents can set the name of their visitors and the ETA
  3. check the log of past visitors
  4. account settings.

Challenge, complications, questions

There are four different types of users: residents, guards, members of the administrative board, and visitors. All users have different goals, so they should have different interfaces as well. An extra complication is that there can be an overlap in the profiles as board members can be residents at the same time.

Some further questions to consider

  • How to manage if a resident has multiple properties?
  • What if one of them is for rent?
  • The question of reliability is for instance how to limit the access of the personal?
  • What if a resident organizes a party? Should the access be granted for visitors daily or based on the number of entries? What if a friend finds out to go to the store for extra drinks?
  • The access is given as a QR code. Should it be possible to share that with others if there are numerous people invited?


4 potential roles

  • education: college or higher
  • age: 18-80
  • gender: any
  • pay for higher life-standards
  • safety/security has high importance
  • family-oriented
  • would like to drive smooth in- and out through the gates =>time effectiveness
  • education: college or lower
  • age: 35-65
  • gender: male
  • have a stressful, sometimes boring job
  • low salary (risk of bribery) and life standards
  • want to make less effort

  • education: college or higher
  • age: 24-60
  • gender: any
  • wants to simplify administration and improve visibility and tracking of who enters and leaves the community
  • acquaintances of a resident, personal (maid, babysitter, gardener) or provider (postman, electrician)
  • education: any
  • age: any
  • gender: any
  • would like to get smooth in- and out through the gates =>time effectiveness

Designer goals in order of importance

  • create a useful app to simplify access control
  • to help residents to feel safer and guards to decrease the stress level
  • to make money
  • to increase security

User needs

to be able to use the app the quickest possible way

Functionality requirements and tasks

Residents register different visitors and send requests to the guards. Guards control the access of visitors upon arrival. They check if the visitor has a valid entry request submitted by a resident. If yes, they take a photo of the visitor's ID. If no, manually register the visitor, adding the name, host's name, destination. The guards also take photos of the ID, license plate and car. Both administrators and guards can check the log of all past visitors. Administrators can create a community, approve join requests, add/remove access of guards. Account settings are available for all users. Those who have more profiles can change between them.


The mobile wireframes depict my solution.

Residents can create access for event or visitors.

Admins' screens. They can change their account from admin to resident if applicable.

Menu options by user types are the following:

  • Guard: log, add new visitor, account settings
  • Administrator: access provided to own visitors (+new visitor option), log, stats, account settings
  • Residents: access provided (+new visitor option), log (of own visitors), account settings.

Guards can easily scan visitors' QR and take photos of the ID, license place, and the car.