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Mobile app design for the alarm app Whistle.


The app idea goes back to a real-life story. Robbers broke into a house where a young girl (in her teenage years) was at home in her room. She attempted to scare the criminals away by talking aloud, pretending that she was not alone. The thieves noticed her and tried to break the door. Since it was a secure one, and they assumed that she already alerted someone, they gave up and left after a few minutes. Luckily she did not get hurt. It would have been crucial, though, to be able to call for immediate help.

The model of Gated Communities is widespread in Mexico. All entries to the living area are controlled. Nevertheless, in many cases, trouble occurs without the security being aware of it, or they act too late.

Whistle ('Silbato' in Spanish) is an alarm app developed to increase security. Once the panic button is triggered, security contacts are notified instantly. Residents can alert them in the following cases:

  • an emergency,
  • something suspicious is experienced within or close to their community.

Timeliness: March 01, 2020 - May 16, 2020


I faced mostly UX challenges in this project that needed various rounds of testing. Firstly, speed has high importance in an emergency, therefore, the app had to be simple, easy-to-use. Secondly, there are different roles in the community (administrator, guard, resident) with a possible overlap, meaning that one person can belong to multiple communities. Hence, they should be able to switch between these.

03 - MY ROLE

As a UX/UI designer responsible for various tasks:

  • developing ideas
  • wireframing
  • logo design
  • native high-fidelity mockups
  • testing
  • creating animation for the onboarding screens
  • designing the landing page of the application
  • preparing required material for App Store and Google Play


Me not being Mexican, the starting point was to understand the cultural differences. One way could have been to create an app that radiates professionalism, security; to opt for minimal styling and clear look by applying whitespaces generously. Nevertheless, if we study a bit closer to the Mexican culture, we recognize the pattern of resiliency, optimism, and cheerfulness. At unfortunate events or failures, they can laugh, stand up, and continue. Also, the constant awareness of danger and the unpredictability of life contributed to this behavior. Therefore, I decided to design a delightful interface for Whistle that gives hope when in need.


Activate alarm in emergency and/or suspicious events. The location will be shared and all the guards will be alerted instantly. You can start to chat to share more detail about the case.

Animation - activate alarm

With the initial approach in mind, I pictured and designed a bird as a helper, who chirps to call attention in distress. This gives a more personal feeling to the app than an actual whistle.

The Whistle logo